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You’re Still Somebody’s Kid: 5 Ways Parents Can Celebrate Their Mothers on Mother’s Day

We’re parents now. We’re grownups. We’ve got the bills, the jobs, the tired eyes that didn’t come from partying. But we’re still kids, too. Are you checking out your middle-aged body in the mirror right now and shaking your head? Stop…and call your mom. She’ll set you straight. One lecture from her on how you really need to wash those shirts inside out and you’ll be rolling your eyes like a teenager. Because to them

How to Plan for the Future of Your Child with Special Needs When You’re Gone

I watch Speechless. It makes me feel like I’ve got comrades-in-arms in Hollywood somewhere. Somebody thought the story of a kid with cerebral palsy and his eccentric family was worth telling. I agree. And Minnie Driver holds my heart. On one of the more recent episodes, the siblings of JJ (the eldest with cp) bring up the future with their parents…the future when those same parents who fight for JJ’s rights in school and home

19 Films with Characters with Special Needs

When I think of Hollywood, I picture Rodeo Drive, the Hills, the Chinese Theater, the cookie cutter A-listers. It’s a cliché that’s (hopefully) only in my head. So many films tout the shell of a story, a hook and nothing more. So I pass. Not worth money on the babysitter. As the Oscar list rolls out now, I find I don’t recognize or care to see a single title. But I will make the effort

Carl Jung on Parenting: There Are No Coincidences

Once upon a time I taught philosophy. And now philosophy is teaching me. Here’s my take on on parenting, Carl Jung-style. Carl Jung on Parenting: There Are No Coincidences Carl Jung had a theory. Didn’t he always? As more of a mystic than a scientist, he lassoed the universe and pulled it gently into the confines of our minds. Except he didn’t believe they were confines as such. They were cracked windows, leaky faucets,

5 Signs We’re Tired of Talking Politics

America has talked its throat dry on politics. Collectively, as a country, we’re rubbing our necks from the whiplash of the last six months and politely holding up our hands for a cup of water. We’re parched. We’re not done with politics, of course. As a free nation, we can never be done with politics. But we’re resting. We’re talking an “off” day from the rigorous mental routine we’ve subjected ourselves to for the last

What David Had That I Want (Sunday Thoughts Link Up #21)

PSALM 86:11-13 11 Teach me your way, Lord,     that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart,     that I may fear your name. 12 I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart;     I will glorify your name forever. 13 For great is your love toward me;     you have delivered me from the depths,     from the realm of the dead. David. What am I supposed to do with David? He doesn’t fit in with my perception of

I’m Using Stem Cells in Hopes of Helping My Child. Please Don’t Picket Me.

Nobody really understands what it means to “use” stem cells in 2017. The public connotation brings at best a cringe and change of conversation. Scary Mommy has never shied from a difficult topic and because of that I’m sharing our path towards those little stem cells that might just change our child’s life. Click the picture below to read.   Save Save

7 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th: May the “Fourth” Be With You

My husband might love me more for my devotion to Star Wars than my devotion to our children—specifically for the fact that we agree that Episodes 4-6 are still the greatest. I don’t tell him it’s really my crush on Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher that keep me loyal. If you fancy yourself a Star Wars fan, I’ve got good news for you. May 4th is your day. Officially known as “Star Wars Day” all

10 Graduation Gifts That Will Get You a Real Thank You

The time has come for the seniors, those teens verging on adulthood, to commence with their lives and get on with it already. If you know someone graduating this spring, here are a few gifts that they won’t leave behind. I just ordered #4 for myself. Click on the link below to read the article on Her View From Home.   Just thinking out loud. What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given? Save Save

5 Tips to Teach Kids the Subtle Art of Graciousness

Saying “thank you” and meaning it is harder than it sounds. For kids and adults. Something happens when that spotlight turns on you. Stunned. Awkward. Shy. Embarrassed. Boastful. Whatever the reaction, here are some tips for helping your kids (and you) practice the fine art of graciousness in my article on   5 Tips to Teach Kids the Subtle Art of Graciousness I dreaded my engagement party, not for the fact that it would

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