Kiddie Pool Digest #2: Into the Deep End

Summer begins when the pools open and the sprinklers turn to life and the hoses shoot arcs over hot sidewalks. Summer and water go together like crackerjacks and baseball. They are compatriots, meant to mingle. The smell of sunscreen, hours in the water, falling asleep warm and tired in a beach towel—this is the stuff kids dream of when they stare out the window at school. And now’s the time. So, dig out the floaties and flip flops and hit the water running. It’s time to kick swim season into high gear. Click the picture to be taken to pool-themed videos, fun facts, activities, and music!

The Kiddie Pool Digest will be back each week with a new fun theme and interesting activities, facts, and bits from around the web for curious kids of all ages.

Go Pool hopping: Week 1 | Bees

 *What’s your favorite pool game? Favorite water-themed movie?