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Science Says Toddlers Are Smarter Than Apes, Barely

Having two children pulled out of my uterus seemed barbaric, but I kissed their goopy heads all the same. Once they were clean, sleeping, and smelling of milk and the doctors had put me back together again, I thought the barbarity was over and that we were on our way to becoming civilized. Silly me. I’ve just spent the last three years trying to make something human out of these two. As twins go, they could

Village to Village (Sunday Thoughts Link Up #34)

RUTH 1:19-21 19 So the two women went on until they came to Bethlehem. When they arrived in Bethlehem, the whole town was stirred because of them, and the women exclaimed, “Can this be Naomi?” 20 “Don’t call me Naomi,” she told them. “Call me Mara, because the Almighty has made my life very bitter. 21 I went away full, but the Lord has brought me back empty. Why call me Naomi? The Lord has afflicted me; the Almighty has brought misfortune upon me.” RUTH 4:14-17 14 The women said to Naomi:

7 Books to Keep Kids Honest

The Gruffalo is real. The entire neighborhood goes to sleep when you close your eyes. The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are married. These are “facts” by which my children abide. In the early stages of life, truth and fiction are blurry. The idea that the stuff in their picture books isn’t real, but the news on television (supposedly) is feels confusing and arbitrary. Yet they have an instinct for altering facts in their

The More the Merrier

Tina Fey may have said it best in her New Yorker article, “Confessions of a Juggler.” When asked if she was going to have more kids, she gave them this: “All over Manhattan, large families have become a status symbol. Four beautiful children named after kings and pieces of fruit are a way of saying, ‘I can afford a four-bedroom apartment and a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in elementary-school tuition fees each year. How

Literary Review of Lisa Kusel’s RASH

Tidak apa apa. Say it with me. Tidak apa apa. “It is okay.” Please keep this Indonesian phrase in the forefront as you read Lisa Kusel’s memoir, Rash. You’ll need the reassurance, for her and you, that it’s all going to come out right in the end. You don’t move to Bali on a whim. Unless you’re a writer and a mother and in desperate need of a scene change, a soul change, a room with

The Night My Mom Didn’t Come for Me

“Now that I’m a mother, I look to my own kids and wonder, what do I do when you start to break away from me, peeling off like bark from a tree? Do I trust you to know your moment? Do I trust myself to know it?” I didn’t mean the first lie I ever told. I didn’t know what I was asking for. Click the picture to read the rest of the story on

Rest Period. (Sunday Thoughts Link Up #33)

MARK 9:2-4 2 After six days Jesus took Peter, James and John with him and led them up a high mountain, where they were all alone. There he was transfigured before them. 3 His clothes became dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them. 4 And there appeared before them Elijah and Moses, who were talking with Jesus. MARK 9:30-32 30 They left that place and passed through Galilee. Jesus did not want anyone to know where they were, 31 because he

When Your Kid with Special Needs Does Something a Thousand Times Better Than You

How long, I caught myself wondering in the shower, could I push this before it’s considered child neglect and someone calls social services? I was taking my twins, newly-minted three-year-olds, to their annual appointment with the pediatrician and I knew she’d ask the question she always asks – the one that earns me an eye roll and another note added to the appointment summary along with weight and height and current medications. Have they been to

Keep Talking to Yourself, It Means You’re Smarter

“You really need to stop looking in the mirror before 7 a.m.” “Why did I put the keys in the refrigerator door?” “Why do they always run out of my favorite wine at Costco? I mean, it’s Costco.” “Note to self: Don’t park next to the teenage driver in your neighborhood.” I’ve always been a self-talker. But it used to be subtler. In my college years, it came in the form of mumbling over a

Kiddie Pool Digest #8: Kid Concert

Who doesn’t love a good concert? There’s just something about live music thrumming in your chest until it reverberates through the rest of you. But sometimes, when the kids are very little or threenagers, the music has to come to you. So, I’m putting the music in their hands for the last Kiddie Pool Digest to round out the summer. You might have a musical prodigy on your hands. You never know until you try

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