Things I’m Digging This Summer

I thought I’d take a minute to share what’s working for us this summer. All the kid stuff, the special needs stuff, and the me stuff (yippee, I count too!). I feel like summer is the season for randomness. At least it is in our house. Eat whatever. Do whatever. Sometimes we need a loosening of routines to know that there are other and maybe better ways for life to function (except bedtime, because you don’t mess with that). So, here’s what I’m digging this summer…

For the kids:

  1. Finding Dory Coffee Pot Playset



The twins got this for their birthday and are obsessed. Dory actually swims around in the little coffee pot.





  1. Melissa and Doug Fishing Game


Another birthday gift, this is actually a puzzle that comes with a fishing pole. Each piece is magnetized and you pull the pieces out with the pole. Hours…they’ve spent hours doing this. Maybe I will never need to take them fishing for real, because I’m not going to be bating any hooks.



  1. Shoes from Old Navy



These slip on shoes are lifesavers. You don’t need socks and their feet stay cool because they have little holes for venting.




  1. Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball



I don’t own this but I REALLY want one. You can tell the kids to go kick around the ball and get ice cream out of it in 25 minutes. Tired kids and dessert..that’s an investment I’m willing to make.




  1. Vacation Bible School

The twins are used to going to Mother’s Day Out twice a week, so I’ll take any excuse to get them some stimulus and out of the house. They just went to a three-day VBS at the church that runs a special needs program one Saturday a month. Charlie didn’t even go because he was in school but they said we could bring the twins. And it was FREE!!!!!!!

  1. The pool and hotdogs and pretzels


Our neighborhood pool is open and we have been frequent visitors. This is the first year I can actually sit down! They also have a concession stand. We’ve eaten a lot of hot dogs and big soft pretzels.




For special needs:

  1. Lathermitts for the bath

I wrote a review of these for Parenting Special Needs Magazine and now love them. It makes bath time so much easier and safer because you can hold and scrub at the same time. These would make a great gift for new moms.



  1. Tobii


Charlie has a new speaking device called a Tobii. And we’ve actually figured out a way to get him to use it at home with us. He’s getting really good at it and I feel like he’s getting to express his opinions finally (including “Go away” which I hear on the regular).



    1. Caroline Carts



We’re out and about more in the nice weather and it’s lovely to find the carts at Kroger and Whole Foods that are designed for big kids with special needs. Charlie loves them and they are actually not hard to push, unlike a lot of carts that hold toddlers.





  1. Pre-peeled apple slices at McDonald’s

I know the peel has all the nutrients, but for a kid like Charlie who has trouble chewing, I love that we can get these for him there while the twins run themselves in circles in the PlayPlace

  1. New medications

We are trying out a new medication for Charlie to help keep legs looser so he can walk more easily. It’s normally used for Parkinson’s but we’ve seen a miraculous change in his tension. I can’t believe we didn’t know about it until now and am so grateful for the doctor who suggested it.

For me:

  1. Lululemon Hotty Hot Shorts in dark olive



Full disclosure, I don’t actually run in these, but I love the color and they are so comfortable to chase kids in!




  1. Prana Isadora pants





Got these on super sale while on vacation in Lake Tahoe and they are basically stylish pajama pants. WIN.









  1. Vacation to Tahoe with no kids!




To celebrate the marriage of my best friend from forever. It was a trip for the books!





  1. Bread maker




It’s 85 degrees out and I’m baking bread. I don’t get it either. But fresh bread is so good and comforting. Pair it with butter and honey from the farmer’s market and I’m all set.




  1. Madame Secretary

I stumbled on this one on Netflix one night while Jody was out playing hockey. I’ve only watched the first few episodes but I love it as a political show that’s not as dark as House of Cards or as biting as Veep (though I do love this one) or as Hallmark-y as Designated Survivor.

  1. Detective novels

I love a good crime novel! It’s my version of a beach read. I’ve read all of Tana French’s Dubliner Murder Squad and just finished Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson








and Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) which was the third in her Cormoran Strike series.









Reviewing the summer with Meg and thinking out loud with Amanda.

What’s your favorite kid toy? Favorite beach read? Best trip you’ve ever been on?