To the Mom of Kids Too Young to Go “Back to School”, I Feel You

I see you giving the side-eye to those school supplies at Target while you’re cruising down the aisle with your Starbuck’s Frapp and kids hanging off every corner of the cart. I know you’d like to ram the Crayola display, just cut a swath of destruction through the notebooks and glitter pens and Moana backpacks. You’d rain down fire on the grocery store for even having back-to-school sales on Lunchables if you could.

Because you are the mom of infants and toddlers and threenagers, and there is no back-to-school for you.

Click the picture to read my article in on all the things I want to say to you, to us, the ones still rolling through the one long season before “school age”…


What season of life are you in right now? What’s one piece of advice you could give someone from an era you’ve survived?