Dinner’s On: How to Cook Once and Feed All Eaters

One night, in the not so distant past, I found myself cooking three meals, three times a day. If you’re doing the math, that’s nine different meals every single day for three very different types of eaters. Dinner was the worst. By 6 pm, I would begin prepping a meal for me and my husband to eat after all the kids went to bed. By 6:30 I’d whip up an easy-ish toddler dish for my three-year-old twins while simultaneously chopping and dicing and foraging for a third meal for my five-year-old son with cerebral palsy. He has chewing and swallowing issues. His food takes the most thought of all of us. Plus, he’s five, so there’s the picky-factor. That’s way too much thought put in to what we put in our mouths. Plus, we never ate together, because when would I sit down with all that prepping and baking and microwaving and pureeing?

Through sweat, creativity, consultations with feeding therapists, and a hefty dose of desperation, we’ve finally got this dinner thing down. We eat together. We eat the ONE meal I fix a night. And I sit down. I really do.

Click on the picture below to read my new article in Parenting Special Needs Magazine (and watch a little DIY video) on how to cook once for all your eaters.


What’s your favorite meal to cook for your family?